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Over 600 educational and entertaining hours of programs dealing with the doctrine and practices of the Mormon church. For anyone seeking God in spirit and truth.

Beginning on a full power television station in March of 2006, Heart of the Matter 1.0 was a weekly live call-in show right out of the Mecca of Mormonism, Salt Lake City, Utah. Between 2006 and 2012 the program directly addressed all things Mormon – its history, doctrines, practices and deceptions. Half the program was focused on content, the other half, live call-in comments and questions from a largely antagonistic audience. One viewer called it the most entertaining hour on television at the time. In January of 2013 host Shawn McCraney and Heart of the Matter was removed from the airwaves of Salt Lake City over an on-air promise to expose the local Evangelical churches from putting their congregates in religious bondage similar to the LDS church. Between 2013 and October 2017 Heart of the Matter continued to stream live over the internet as Shawn openly discussed his changing ideas and beliefs relative to organized Christianity - especially in connection to Mormonism. After producing nearly eleven straight years of live programming, the last HOTM 1.0 aired on October 24th 2017 as HOTM 2.0 took over on October 31st 2017.

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